A DIY Arduino-powered handheld game console

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Inspired by greatness

dotMG is a hackable, Arduino-powered, DIY handheld game console inspired by the original Nintendo Game Boy (the DMG, which stands for “dot matrix game”). dotMG is currently in development, and the photos above are only of a prototype. Currently, we’re looking at these awesome features*:

Additionally, we’ll create a full assembly guide and online tutorials for getting started with coding!

* Subject to change.

Arduino libraries

If you’d like a sneak peek at some of the library functionality so far, check out our GitHub repos:

Interested in an early-bird hacker edition?

We’re considering selling a few early-bird hacker edition kits to give enthusiasts a chance to play with dotMG before it’s officially released. These kits would be for self-solder only and would only include the following:

For hacker edition kits, you’d need to provide your own of the following:

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Stay in the loop

For real-time updates, be sure to follow us on Instagram. We’ve already got a ton of images and videos of dotMG posted there. Otherwise, you can sign up for availability updates.

dotMG was featured on sudomod.com! Be sure to check out their January 2020 Update Video! Many thanks to them for the fantastic shot featured on this site.

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