Power up your Game Boy Advance with a rechargeable battery and USB‑C or microUSB

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Installation & Usage Guide v2.0 (PDF) Assembly & Usage Guide v1.2 (PDF)


* On average. Tested with a standard game cartridge, AGS‑101 backlit screen mod, average volume, and a 1700mAh or 1000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Your mileage may vary. Flashcarts and additional mods may alter the behavior and/or power consumption of your GBA.

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Important Notes


How do I charge my GBA after installing PowerUp Advance?

PowerUp Advance can be charged with a USB‑C charging cable (v2.0) or microUSB charging cable (v1.2) connected to a typical 5V USB wall adapter (as long as it provides at least 500mA), like those used by cell phones and other electronics.

Additionally, you can charge PowerUp Advance from a computer by plugging the cable into a powered USB port. Only use with a 5V (or USB‑C Power Delivery) charger that can provide at least 500mA! Using other chargers may cause damage to the charger, PowerUp Advance, or both.

You can play your Game Boy Advance while it’s charging.

Do I need to modify my GBA shell?

Installing PowerUp Advance requires simple modifications to your Game Boy Advance battery compartment, namely removing a metal battery clip and a small amount of plastic. This trimming is necessary to ensure the rechargable battery fits neatly, without pinching wires or shorting itself. Also, you can optionally trim a notch in your battery cover for easy USB port accessibility. We recommend using an aftermarket shell because they are cheap and readily available online. You can see an example of what needs to be trimmed by looking at our guide and video.

Can I still revert to AAs if I ever want to?

Absolutely! If, for any reason, you want to revert back to using AAs, simply remove PowerUp Advance, replace the metal clip that was removed when trimming the battery compartment, and pop in your AAs. Even without the plastic that was trimmed off from your battery compartment, your AAs will still make full contact to power your Game Boy Advance.

Why GBA? Are you planning kits for other consoles?

The original Game Boy Advance (AGB‑001) is favored by many Nintendo fans for its combination of ergonomic form factor and wide game cartridge compatibility. It’s also an extremely popular choice for backlit screen mods (i.e. replacing its screen with an AGS‑101 backlit LCD), making it worthy of our focus as the first recipient of our battery mod kit. We don’t currently have plans to support other handhelds.

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